Welcome to the walkthrough guide, let's get started with Intention! The core concept of Intention is that you enter your intentions (i.e. goals or tasks), and link it to other intentions. For example, you may want to run a marathon, but you have to get fit first - your intention to run a marathon depends on your intention to get fit. Together, your intentions form a graph - a connected web of intentions. Lets walk through how to use the app, which should make it clearer how it works.

To start, open up the Intention app at Once you've logged in, you should see a page like this:

Click "New Intention", which will bring you onto a new page. You're going to create your top-level intention, your ultimate goal, so give it quite a vague title. Fill out the details like so:

Click save, and you should see a popup saying the intention saved successfully. The page should now look like this:

Now let's add another intention. I'm going to use the example of running a marathon, but you can substitute another intention if you'd like. Click the "Add Sub-Task" button at the bottom of the page.

Let's call our new intention "Run a Marathon". Fill out the title, and the page should look like this:

Notice that "Achieve my Goals" is selected as the parent intention. This means that in order to achieve your goals, you have to run a marathon. All intentions, apart from the first one, have to have a parent.

Click save, then click "Add Sub-Task". Let's add another intention to "Get fit", which we'll need to do before we can run a marathon.

Once you've filled in the form and saved the new intention, the screen should look like this:

Now we need to add another intention to "Find a local marathon". We need to do this in order to run a marathon, but not to get fit. Therefore, we want to create another intention with the parent of "Run a Marathon". To do this, we can create a "sibling" intention of "Get Fit". A "sibling" is an intention with the same parents - in this case, something else we need to do to run a marathon.

Click "Add Sibling", then create a new intention called "Buy New Running Gear". Once you've done this, navigate back to the home page (you can click on the "Intention" logo to do this). You should see a list of the intentions we've created, like this:

This is nice, but the real power of Intention is in visualising how your intentions fit together. Click on the "Graph" tab, and you should see a diagram like this:

Nice! This is all you need to know to use intention.

Thanks for reading. If you get stuck, or have any comments or feedback, please email me at